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Classic Home Cinema

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Blackmail  (Hitchcock) Reel 12

Week-End Wives  Pt 2

Here Comes Zoo   Pts 1 & 2

4 x Felix

Felix Is Hungry

Felix Falls In Love

Mickey Sells Hotdogs

Our Pet, The Baby

Outlaw – Hoppalong Casidy

Rowing Around

Art Of Judd


Tempest, The   50'

Full Steam Ahead

A Man Sized Pet

Gipsy Life (Chaplin)

Prodical Son, The

Micky Mouse  Bird Scare & C Chaplin, The Ring

Bathing Beauties with Jimmy Edwards (4 titles)

On The Boards

Coronation, The  1937

Shoulder . Arms  1 reel



Charlie On The Boards

Rolling Around  (Chaplin)

Building A Building

Beanstalk Mickey

Man - Sized Pet

Gallant Fireman    (Chaplin)

Princess Elizabeth Wedding  B/W  Sound

Sky High

Royal Tour Australia

astr Of The World

Pot Pourry   (Cartoon)



Master Of The Foundry 4 x Reels

Rolling Around

Across Alaska

Last Commandment. The

Red Skin Raiders

Its A Gift

Wrecked At Sea – Newsreel

Steaple Chase

Dog Parachute

Aerial Defence + Pick a Back Plane + H M The Queen +

3 Bruins at Play  + Jack and Daphne + Chimps Tea Party

Last 6 all on one reel



Waiter  (Chaplin)

Panic    James & George

Tempest, The

Jim Hoods Ghost

Cartoons    400'

Snub The Ferry Boat Man

Snub The Ferry Boat Man

Gypsy Life

Kitty 1

Full Steam Ahead



In The Name Of The Law 4 Pts

Fish Frolics (cartoon)

Count Of Mon


Ten Minute Alibi   6 pts

Popey The Sailor

Nonsence Slapstick

No Limit

Snd or Silent   ????


Spooks Run Wild pt 4, 5 & 6


Pathe (Coronation

Little Brown Jug


Snd or Silent   ????

Pathe Air Crash   50'

Matinee Idol

Whirlwind Hoorsman

A Visit To London Zoo

30 Shorts  @ 200'